Youth Social Service Organization Non Govermental Oranisation


Scope of YSSO at the Regional, National & International Level.

YSSO, with its well built administrative system hopes to undertake and execute successfully any project offered by the Regional, national &international agencies.Having well equipped agencies ready for efficient and and result oriented service at the international levelby way of conceptual and technical collboration with similar agencies working at the international level,YSSO is confident that it canyield the expected results incorporating the efforts of its functional agencies at the regional, national and at the internationallevel by penetrating into the grass root levels where the beneficiaries areoften deprived of their basic Human Rights and privileges.Amog many spheres of operation, reduction of the scale of global warming is the present concern of the organisation.YSSO can collect, verify, and analyse the derived datum using the methods approved by the international agencies.

Though global warming is a topic of international concern,the regional factors of topic also should be studied specifically.Topography of each country is quite dissimilar to each other and distribution of natural resources and phenomena is varied and surprising to the human brain.How the existence of a particular species becomes helpful or harmful to the other is a topic for srudy.Forests, both natural and artificial contain trees, animals, birds, and various other componentsof life and so any disequilibrium in tge cohrence will cause severe or unexpected loss of rare species.YSSO is interested to penetrate into such topics and to emerge with valuable and beneficial results.YSSO,s administrative strucure and functional units can produce valuable results which are beneficial to the international community while co ordinating or formulating the Action Plans with a view to bringing down the scale of global warming around the world.

YSSO can make the international community aware of the need of preserving the greenery on earth or making and maintaining more extents of land green through aforestation and maintenance of an eco system congenial to the peaceful co existence of the flora and founa.When forests are deprived of their natural virtues, the earth itself loses its balancing mechanism, resulting into land slides, earthquakes and Tsunamis which are beyond the indomitable prideof the human beings who are often boastful of their skills, wgich they thing to be capable of challenging the creator Himself.

At the national level, YSSO can get involved in th projects and programs of the central government for the promotion of the activities intended to reduce thelevel of global warming.Experts in the urban and rural studies can contribute valuably to the efforts of the YSSO by their well studied observations and well analysed findings or diagnosis of the problems related to each field.

At the Regional level, the information derived from the studies at the national level can be collected, classified and anlysed and remedies can becsuggested and implemented after sufficient consultation with the experts in the relevant fields, for the well being of the beneficiaries.The regions can be divided into sub regions for efficient administration and penetration of service to the grass root level. The problems at grass root level can be studied by mutual comparisons.The prevalance of certain aspects sometimes promote progress and existence of some other factors cause demotion.Such complex situations should be studied closely with special focus on their inter relations.For Eg., the threat of unemployment inspires people to work hard and tge sense of security of being employed and salaried tempts man to be lazy in his routines.So, YSSO can study such minute problems even with high rated scientific attitude which helps it to have a universal perspective surpassing the regional and national limitations caused by physical boundaries.In short, YSSO has a comprehensive approach than a limited approach.

YSSO's Contributions Beyond India

YSSO completed The Jala Nidhi project of the central government through its active participation in Public Relation,collection of datum, classification and scientific analysis.Collection of datum and their analysis are being done following the criteria fixed at the international level by the agencies like The United Nations and The W.H.O.The datum provided by YSSO are reliable,credible and factual and so they are in tunes with the datum officially available at the international level in the field of Watershed Management and Global Warming.The organization can under take and complete any project at the international level by drawing out Action Plans and executing them by incorporating the services provided by similar agencies and organisations which are involved in similar projects. Regional and national boudaries which arise during the execution of projects can be pulled down through the formatoin of international fellowships and collaboration for the execution of a project which is highly beneficial to the international community. YSSO can surely secure a notable and suitable place in the international map of coservation of natural resources and global warming.The areas of study of YSSO can be selected as working models of the projects in consideration of the criteria and methods of study at the international level.

Major and minor projects undertaken and completed byYSSO can be an authentic record for those who wish to make advanced studies in this field.YSSO's projects can be a source of credible datum and methods of analysis of course with a strong base on reality than on fantasy. Even foreign agencies can accept the projects done by YSSO as credible books of reference.