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Director's Word

About YSSO - Youth Social Service Organization

Social development through social action is the way of social reformation. Through this the development of the weaker sections and the marginal farmers are the main target of YSSO for the last 10 years. From the beginning onwards the organization aims at the Social and Economical Improvement of these sections. Youth Social Service organization has been working in Wayanad District of Kerala, Nilgiris District of Tamilnadu, Mysore and Chamarajnagar Districts of Karnataka. The Socio-economic background of these districts is very pathetic. Majority of the population mainly depending on the agricultural field. The frequent climatic changes and the careless management of the natural resources will affect agricultural allied activities in these districts. The farmers are trying to overcome these problems through sustainable management of the Natural resources. Child Development is another area of intervention of the organization, Natural Resources Management promotion of Women Self Help Groups, Neighbourhood Activities and Micro financing, Conducting Systematic Studies on relevant topics and documentation are other areas of intervention. Youth Social service organization is serving the people to overcome the present situations and problems in the society through collative efforts.

Women empowerment is one of the main thrusts of YSSO. Women are the prime force of a family and any society. If women folk of the community empowered, we believe that it is the success of society and nation. So, to empower the women in the project area YSSO implements women Self Help Groups through which we aim the self reliant women, family and society. This document shows the process, activities and achievements of the Self help Groups initiated by YSSO.

YSSO is tank full to the SHG members and partners who assisted us for the effective implementation of Self Help Group Initiatives.

Rev.Fr.Jose Parathuvayalil
Executive Director