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International Days

International Days | United Nations

World Cancer Day – 4 Febuary

As part of the Day’s celebrations, various schemes will be carried out with the co-operation of different hospitals.

World Radio Day - 13 February

Seminars on farming, fishing, animal husbandry will be conducted for the rural people.

World Day of Social Justice - 20 Feb.

Various debates and study-classes will be conducted for school children with the participation of all classes of people.

International Mother Language Day – 21 February

Will be celebrated by conducting essay writing competition on the origin and history of the mother – tongue for college students.

Zero Discrimination Day – 1 March

Poster – designing competition will be organized for the youth from various Districts.

World Wildlife Day – 3 March

Various week – long programmes will be arranged jointly with the Kerala State Dept. Of Forests.

International Women’s Day – 8 March

With close co-operation with the Woman – Development Corporation, various activities will be conducted to strengthen the social activities of women.

Climate Day

Educating women – householders in for health –care and life-cycle according to the seasons through awareness classes.

World Tuberculosis Day – 24 March

95% of deaths due to tuberculosis occur in Developing or under – developed countries. It is a treatable disease if detected early. Hence a Diagnosis – camp and Awareness – class are arranged with the direct involvement of a specialised hospital.

World Autism Awareness Day – 2 April

Many a misconception about Autism is prevalent in the general public even to-day. As a result, autistic children are being segregated. They can be brought back to the main stream, if only the misunderstandings are completely cleared up. Towards this cause, various forms of educational programmes are being planned with the expertise of medical teams and social workers.

World Health Day – 7 April

Health is wealth. When health is being lost, one expends all the other wealth to restore it. But in Kerala, a lot many families are going bankrupt unable to bear the burden of treatment – cost. An Awareness camp and a series of street – plays and photo exhibitions are organized to educate the public to what one ought to do and do away with, to lead a healthy life.

World Immunization Week – 24 – 30 April

Immunization is based on the medical dictum that prevention is better than cure. It pricks the mind of anyone who becomes sick due to negligence or ignorance. A disease can disrupt the rhythm of a life as a whole as a result of a silly lapse. Ignorance is the prime reason. Programmes are arranged with the co-operation of hospitals and sanitary missions to educate the masses on the importance of vaccinations and other disease – resistant steps.

English Language Day – 23 April

School – based English story – writing competitions and quizzes will be organized with a view to increasing general knowledge in the language and to highlight its value in higher education.

World Malaria Day – 25 April

A sanitation/Service Day will be observed to create awareness among all people of the importance of being alert against Malaria, the fatal disease spread by mosquitoes and its prevention. This campaign will be held at various places of the region with the participation of the maximum number of residents.

World Press – Freedom Day – 3 May

Newspaper, a part of the Media which has been defined as the fourth pillar of democracy in the constitution of India, is the major source that conveys news to people. It’s right to freedom to report news honestly is no small. A seminar is organized on ‘Freedom of the Press.’

World Migratory Bird Day 9-10 May

Man is hunting other creatures who have an equal right to live in this planet. Many migratory birds which play a vital role in keeping a balance of habitats have become extinct now. A nature camp and debates have been arranged to expose the invasion of man in this field.

International Day of Families – 15 May

In order to highlight the importance of maintaining families which are the basis of a society in a healthy way, competitions and classes by family – teams will be conducted.

International Day for Biological Diversity – 22 May

With a view to creating awareness of the need for biological diversity to lead a healthy life, sapling distribution and classes will be conducted with the involvement of Agriculture Dept.

World No – Tobacco Day – 31 May

Tobacco-use has been destroying the health and financial conditions of many families. Therefore, to create awareness, various programmes are planned to stop or reduce it use. Distribution of leaflets, street plays and talks etc. are planned.

Global Day of Parents – 1 June

Parents play a crucial role in a person’s character-formation. To remember them with gratitude and to counsel how to become a good parent, a special seminar will be arranged. A story – writing competition will be conducted for children.

World Environment Day – 5 June

In order to emphasise the part played by the environment in the existence of humanity and to provide the right information as how to protect it, tree saplings will be distributed among people from different regions. Environment activities will include oath – taking and awareness classes.

World Oceans Day – 8 June

To provide more information on oceans which form the bulk of the world and to teach how to protect them. Drawing – competitions, their exhibitions and footnote – writing competitions will also be conducted.

World Day against Child Labour – 12 June

Although child-labour has legally been banned, it is still in practice in many places; the reason being ignorance of what is child-labour and its consequences. With the help of Child Line, a class, exhibition and a tableau will be arranged for parents and children.

World Blood – Donor Day – 14 June

Propagating the value of and need for blood - donation, a blood - grouping, donation and diagnosis camp will be organized under the auspicious of a hospital.

World Refugee Day – 20 June

To discuss what all a country can do to identify and relieve the sufferings of a community of peoples who had been forced to run away from their native countries and taken refuge in a foreign region following war, natural calamity or local revolt, a seminar and a debate will be organized.

International Day of Yoga – 21 June

To popularise the holistic benefits of Yoga, which has attracted world – attention recently, a mass Yoga learning camp will be conducted.

International Day of Charity – 5 September

We extend only a meagre fraction of love and care for our siblings, class-mates, relatives and orphans who are struggling to live. This problem can be solved if only can we change the attitude of the growing up generation. Guidelines on serving our fellow-beings will be given through moral classes and short films.

World Population Day – 11 July

Indeed the strength of a country is its people. However, no less important is the knowledge of the problems arising out of its explosion. Proportionate to the rise in population, sanitary and poverty – eradicating steps have as well to be taken. Classes will be conducted jointly with the Sanitation – Mission.

World Hepatitis Day – 28 July

Hepatitis is a fatal water – borne epidemic. This disease that can easily be prevented by hygienic living, has just been spreading owing to the ignorance of many. A seminar and a debate will be arranged on prevention of water – pollution.

International Day of Friendship – 30 July

Great heights can easily be scaled by joint ventures. Fellowship is the foundation of the communion of a community. To spread the message of friendship, a photography contest and friends – groups will be organized.

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples – 9 August

Although given to have been the true owners of the earth, the native tribes have been subsisting in certain areas apart beyond the reach of any development. To know them closely, a study – tour will be organized for school children to visit their hamlets.

International Youth day – 12

Being kind to fellow – beings is a sacred act. But many stand wondering how to help. A class with a debating – platform will be arranged with charitable organizations with proven tract record and local people.

World Humanitarian Day – 19 August

Being kind to fellow – beings is a sacred act. But many stand wondering how to help. A class with a debating – platform will be arranged with charitable organizations with proven tract record and local people.

International Day against Nuclear Tests – 29 August

Nuclear tests emit many harmful radiations and activate lot many chemical reactions. Therefore, in order to make it known that even such tests are greatly hazardous and wars using such weapons are terribly devastating, a photo exhibition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be arranged in schools.

International Literacy Day – 8 September

The best way to reform a society is education. A Mobile Library will be set up to teach the mass the role of literacy in development.

International Day of Democracy – 15 September

Democracy is the most recognized form of government. On this day, classes and a Mock Polling station will be arranged for school children.

World Tourism Day – 27 September

In order to spread the message that a tour can offer many benefits including relieving of mental tension, a two-day nature – class will be organized involving those working in the tourism field.

International Day of Older Persons – 1 October

In this age of increasing number of Old age Homes, aiming at understanding their problems directly by spending some time with them and to avoid such a life for the posterity, school children will be taken on a visit to an Old age – Home and arrange artistic programmes thereat.

International Day for Disaster – Reduction – 13 October

Had many a disaster been foreseen early enough, millions of families would have been alive to day. Under the present circumstances when disasters happen due to mere negligence and ignorance, in order to prevent them or to reduce their onslaught, an awareness Programme in the form of Street – plays will be staged about the first basic rescue operations to be carried out in the event of a disaster.

International Day of Rural women – 13 October

Compared to urban women, rural women are backward in education, independence, defensive – capability etc. Hence, work – training motivation classes are arranged for rural women; classes on woman – rights which they are unfamiliar with, will as well be given.

World Food Day – 16 October

In this age of increasing number of Old age Homes, aiming at understanding their problems directly by spending some time with them and to avoid such a life for the posterity, school children will be taken on a visit to an Old age – Home and arrange artistic programmes thereat.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - 17 October

One of the forces that pushes a country backward is poverty. This problem that cannot easily be solved can be eradicated by giving the right direction to the new generation and by preparing the right conditions. Classes will be conducted in their colonies to make them aware of the existing welfare schemes and enable them to claim their rights.

United Nations’ Day – 24 October

With a view to giving the general public information on the U.N., which was formed with the objectives of preventing wars and taking nations in the path of developments, various public – relations programmes will be conducted.

World Diabetes Day – 14 November

Millions of people are suffering from Diabetes, one of the life-style related diseases of the modern times and it upsets the financial balance of many average families. In order to clear up the misconceptions about the disease and to give advice on preventive measures, classes and a diagnosis – camp will be conducted with the help of specialist doctors.

Toilet Day

It is vital to realise the importance of the role of toilets in maintaining the health of a community and hence the need of making and using them. Many do not even use the toilets already built under special scheme, out of ignorance. To overcome such problems, a seminar and a discussion to introduce various schemes will be organized for the common people.