Youth Social Service Organization Non Govermental Oranisation


ABOUT YSSO - Youth Social Service Organization

Youth Social Service Organization is a registered Non-profitable, Social Development working all over India. Youth Social Service organization is working with the weaker sections of rural population .Youth Social Service Organization Promotes integrated people centered rural development for improving the quality of life and living of village communities irrespective of caste ,Creed and Political Leaning .The main focus is on the weaker section of the community.

Our Approach

An Integrated ,Sustainable and People Centered Development approach in all intervention and Facilitating the Methodology of participatory Learning and Action.

Vision of YSSO

YSSO’s vision is inspired by the Christian faith and values. YSSO visualizes a society in which peace, justice and equality prevail and wherein all citizens irrespective of caste, creed, language and religion live in peace and communal harmony. YSSO also envisages a society where the poor, women, the marginalised and under privileged lead a quality life with dignity and have equal opportunity for their involvement in the development process which is value based and sustainable, and have an appropriate environment to develop their fullest potential.

Mission of YSSO

YSSO actively supports and works for a just and sustainable society by creating opportunities for the participation of socially and economically marginalised sections in the development process through networking, alliance building and strengthening of their organisation. YSSO also supports local self governance, protection of human rights, peace and reconciliation and sustainable livelihood measures and responds to the environmental issues, natural and manmade disasters and strives to bring the victims to the mainstream while upholding the human dignity. YSSO promotes gender mainstreaming at all appropriate levels, mobilises resources in favour of the poor and optimises all potentials and capacities existing within the organization and other partners.