Youth Social Service Organization Non Govermental Oranisation



Steps involved in Climate Change Villages

Delineation of Villages
Awareness program through campaign, meeting, street play, distribution of pamphlets, wall painting & newspapers coverage
PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal)
Formation/inclusion of SHG and Area/users Group in Micro watersheds
Conduct Climate Change issues Gramasabha
Formation of Watershed Committee
Account opening and capacity Building
Implementation of Entry Point Activity
Preparation of details project report etc.

To defend climate change we operate oxygen bank (distributing seeds and plants, manures, sitting up messers, providing with financial assistance and being for school going children conducts soil test, seminars and workshops give awareness to drivers against pollution (carbon) SHGs and JLGs are formulated for bio diversity.

Well, YSSO carry out these aims Climate Change Project through systematic planning and field study. The place where we do our service (Pulpally, Mullankolly panchayaths or Village groups) are declared as ‘Rainshadoe’ village. It means due to climate change, the level of rain availability is nominal and the land slowly becomes a rid or dry the crops started to loss and farmers could not bear. Suicides among farmers due to debts got increased. It became a huge social problem. So We found a solution to help the poor farmers here by introducing watershed programs. Through these watershed programs we help the farmers in the conservation of soil and water. The methods are stone bunding, making trenches for rain water harvesting and conducting awareness programs among the people.

e - Oxygen Bank

To introduce high quality of education (Climate Change, Watershed Management)
To enhance quality of education
To support weak part of our country
Landless Labourers
Scheduled Caste
Scheduled Tribes
Marginal Farmers
Small Farmers
Rural Artisans

Need of the Project:

The proposed target area for is agricultural zone of Wayanad, Kerala State. Because of lack of irrigation facilaties farmers are suffering. They cannot get proper and sufficient water for their crops. The target area is healthy rainfall zone also but there is no management is in practice for utilizing rainwater during the rainy season. Water of rainfall goes waste and it goes to the drains and pits. If there will be some arrangement for utilizing this rainwater during the rainy season it could be very helpful for irrigation of crops. If farmers will get sufficient water for irrigation, production of their fields will increase. This will also help people not to migrate in search of livelihood to the nearest towns. The villagers will utilize water stored in the Community Tanks for irrigation for the crops collectively.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater is the best drinking water .Youth Social Service Organization is implementing program like Rainwater harvesting . We are implementing new methods for Rainwater harvesting. In various parts of wayanad mainly we are concentrated in rain shadow panchayaths in wayanad


Water scarcity is a serious problem in wayanad .To avoid the scarcity of water, we have implementing so many Trenches for water conservation to the rural people. We have given awareness classes about the value of water to the people. The Tranches help to conserve water for the future generation.

Coundur Bunding

Water ,soil and biomass are the most important and natural resources of earth .in this water is a most important natural resource. To protect the nature we have constructed so many Coundur Bunding to rural people I Pulpally and Mullankolly. The aim of the Coundur Bunding is the protection of natural resources.

Bio farming

The Organization also promote Bio farming in the project area. The unsafe user of pesticide will create various problems to the nature. For preventing this, Organization gave inspiration to protect the natural resources and inspiring them to start Bio farming in their area like vermi compost, Azolla Cultivation etc. This will help to protect the natural fertility of the land.

Bio gas

The lack of cooking gas leads the marginal farmers to think about another way for satisfying their cooking needs, they thought of constructing Bio-gas plant. At that time itself we implemented the Bio Gas Plant in the project area with the help of other government agencies. Wayanad is the one of the agrarian district in kerala most of the population depends on the agricultural field. The prices of agriculture products is reducing day to day, then the marginal farmers

protecting Cows or other type of milky animals, so there is no problem to get cow dung .By making Bio Gas they can satisfy the needs of bio fertilizer.