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Department of Global Communications

The former Department of Public Information today is called the Department of Global Communications, and is dedicated to communicating the ideals and work of the United Nations to the world; interact and associate with diverse audiences; and to generate support for peace, development and human rights for all.

The Department of Public Information and NGOs cooperate regularly. NGOs associated with IPR disseminate information about the UN to their members, thus building knowledge and support for the Organization at the grassroots level. This dissemination includes publicizing the activities of the UN around the world on issues such as peace and security, economic and social development, human rights, humanitarian affairs and international law, in addition to promoting the UN celebrations and the international years established by the General Assembly to focus worldwide attention on the important problems facing humanity.

The NGO Section of the United Nations Department of Public Information serves as a liaison between the Department and NGOs associated with IPR. Currently, it is linked to approximately 1,600 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are partners and members in partnership with the Department of Public Information and support the efforts of the UN to disseminate information on priority issues on its agenda, including sustainable development. , creating a safer world, helping countries in transition, empowering women and young people and addressing poverty, among others, thus building knowledge and support for the Organization at the level base.

By an IPR affiliate, the YSSO can:

  • Participate in the Annual DPI / NGO Conference

  • Participate in weekly briefings on UN-related issues

  • Participate in the quarterly communication workshops

  • Access the NGO Resource Center that offers current UN documents, press

  • Releases, IPR and publications of the UN system, and

  • Receive monthly shipments of UN information materials to partner NGOs